Our PBX – A new idea for your problems

In this world of cut throat competition, there is no place for errors. Companies have gone multinational and communication is an integral part it. There has to be a lot of conversations, exchange of ideas and information (which is often done through video conferencing) in order to get more effective and crisp results. Many a times one employee may need to get in touch with another employee. Hence, a number of phone calls are dialed inside the organisation itself. In order to carry out these tasks, organisations need a fast and reliable source of communication.

So, if your organisation is looking for a faster, cheaper and efficient method of communication, look no further. We bring forth to you, OurPBX. OurPBX is

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a VoIP service provider which focuses on providing services to business companies and organisations. With it’s help, you can make numerous VoIP calls at low rates.

Also, setting up the IP system is easy and inexpensive in the long run.


It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology which transmits signals over the internet, It converts analog signals to digital data and then these digital signals are transmitted. Due to this innovative method, no more is communication going to be a problem. No more will long distance communication be difficult or expensive. VoIP is now available in android and PCs. There are many VoIP service providers in India too and one of the leading providers is Our PBX.

The benefits of VoIP

Portable : The number from the traditional phone system can be ported to VoIP service.

Inexpensive: VoIP communication systems are much more reasonable than traditional phone systems.

High definition: Voice calling is of high definition i.e. of much higher quality than those traditional phone systems.

Voice mail, text alerts : They not only give you voice calling service. They are accompanied by voice mails and

text alerts which makes communication simpler and more effective.

Free calls between VoIP headsets : The calls made between two VoIP headsets is absolutely free. Hence cutting down your expenses.

Minimal time lag : Compared to the traditional phone systems, the VoIP has much less time lag letting you have all deals at lightening speed.

Reliability : The VoIP service ensures that no call is ever missed or goes unnoticed hence keeping a track of each and everything .

Location: Location is no barrier to your work. Your employees can work from any part of the world at any moment hence adding to the growth of your organisation manifold.

Why choose OurPBX over others?

A large upfront investment is not required.

Includes voice messaging, video and instant messaging.

High Definition voice transmission.

Cost effective over the long run.

Employees can work from anywhere in the world.

Calls can be placed to any part of the world at low rates.

In order to get started, try out the OurPBX free demo and see for yourself the wonders of technology.

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