VoIP Package – A complete game change for your business!

VoIP packageVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has been ruling the telecommunication market over the last few years. It has become remarkably popular in the realm of business communication. VoIP proved to be a real game changer irrespective of any sector.

Today, the immense popularity of a VoIP system has made it compulsory for the enterprises to use it. And as a result, even the providers have to come up with high-quality VoIP solutions with advanced features.

Individual solutions can be hired according to the communication requirements of the company. Businesses are more likely to hire complete VoIP package that covers all the solutions.

Let’s have a look at what such packages normally include:


Softswitch is an important device in a telecommunication network. It helps to connect phone calls from one line to another. It provides an effective passage of data and voice for the conference calls. It is more useful for VoIP service providers. Softswitch is best for handling call routing, signaling and much more.

PBX System

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system is vital part of a complete VoIP package as it supports the whole local and remote business communication. PBX system offers voice, video and multimedia sharing using a single network. Enterprises have more increasingly started to adapt it because it helps users to connect from anywhere and at any time.

VoIP Billing

VoIP Billing is used to collect and calculate the billing details. This software is helpful to produce invoices of calls, online payment gateways and other relevant processes. It also helps monitor the sales data and update the financial history. VoIP Billing is popular among the businesses due to its unique usefulness and easiness.

VoIP Mobile Dialer 

This application can be installed on the mobile phones to make VoIP calls. Users can make national and international calls at very affordable rates using mobile dialer. They can also send SMS/IM with great ease and at lower rates. Mobile Dialer helps to reduce the telephony expense of an enterprise to a great extent.

Wholesale VoIP

Wholesale VoIP is mainly for the service providers that is offered by the wholesale carriers. It is a vital part of the international business communications. By enabling the users to enjoy telecommunication over the internet, it has contributed a lot to the VoIP business revolution.

Businesses hire selective solutions from the entire range of VoIP solutions according to their communcation requirements.And VoIP service providers cost them on the basis of those hired solutions. But if the overall calculation is made, it is advisable to hire complete VoIP package which includes all the telephony related services. This way, an enterprise can even make the international and national calls, route the calls, automatically collect the bills, arrange video and web conferences, support the remote communication needs and do a lot other things more quickly and easily.

A complete VoIP package not only improves the communication and collaboration of a business, but also surprisingly reduces the overall business expense. This way, a business can grow its productivity because the time and manpower is going to be saved and at the same time, the expenses are going to be reduced. In a nutshell, it will prove as a real game-changer for the business!

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