VoIP Hosted PBX Integrated with Powerful Features and Capabilities

VoIP hosted PBXSmall business requirements can be resolved easily with the help of VoIP hosted PBX telephone systems integrated with powerful features and capabilities.

Complicated Features for Efficient Call Management

Equipping your businesses or offices with VoIP hosted PBX telephone systems enable effective communication with your customers and business associates throughout business and non-business hours.

This phone system is designed with powerful call management features and capabilities including find me follow me auto attendant, voicemail, caller identity, call forwarding, automatic call distribution, voice to email, call waiting, fax to email and much more.

The system’s auto attendant manages business calls with exceptional efficiency and presents callers with a good communication experience. It answers all incoming calls with recorded welcome messages and offers callers a menu of options including dial by name and dial by extension.

Calls are connected to the exact extensions based on user’s choice. The system skilfully manages copious calls incoming together and performs prompt call routing without sending out busy signals. It can be even programmed to play customized messages about the products and resources offered by your organization.

Supports Easy Business Management from Remote Sites

Business calls can be answered on your personal telephone numbers including cell numbers or landlines using the powerful ‘find me’, ‘follow me’ options. This enables easy management of your business from other locations. Unattended calls are immediately routed to the voicemail system where callers can place voice messages.

Voice messages are also forwarded to your email account. All these capabilities of the VoIP hosted PBX phone system helps you to concentrate on core business functions without being unduly concerned about leaving calls unanswered during peak business hours.

No Investment Hassles

Your business can enjoy the powerful features and capabilities of VoIP hosted PBX phone system without making much investment. In other words, the system does not require the purchase of costly onsite equipment. The required equipment is maintained by the service providers at their premises and PBX services are offered using broadband internet or telephone connections at reasonable service charges.

On the other hand, hosted PBX system has many advanced features including find me follow me call forwarding, auto attendant, fax to email and voice mail.

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