Hosted PBX Phone Systems with a Virtual Answering Service

Hosted PBX Phone SystemsMost of the businesses are showing interest on the latest cutting edge technologies in this contemporary era. They are more likely to be successful, having a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system with a virtual answering service. It can show a great impact on the customer/client relationship of a company in a positive way. Companies that want to enhance their communication services with less capital; a hosted PBX phone system is the best option to a costlier client-owned PBX system.

A virtual IP telephone system is much like a standard exchange in your company but differs in that all equipment needed for the system are being hosted by the provider of the system, with no need for the client companies to buy or install costly equipment. On the other hand, the hosted PBX phone systems virtual answering services are aimed at reducing the boring process of manually attending each and every call coming to client companies.

How Hosted PBX Phone Systems differ from others?

These systems can automatically handle calls simultaneously without the need of a telephone operator. The service works by providing callers with pre-recorded information including welcome messages; it can also provide them with interactive telephonic menus for getting information about a service, as well as connect to a particular department in your office by providing extension numbers to clients.

As your company grows, more telephones need to be added and the associated interconnection process is cost-effective and much easier with these virtual IP systems. Here client companies need not worry about the costly upgrading of these telephone systems as such services are done by the provider.

A Hosted Connection is an ‘Always-on’ Connection

The system is capable of handling 24×7 calls as the hosted connection is an ‘always-on’ connection utilizing the medium of Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).Some of the VoIP phone system providers are also utilizing the backbone of the internet, using protocols such as Internet Protocol for providing disaster recovery services in cases where the regular PSTN is temporarily down.

Using these systems, companies can have their own phone services available at much-needed costs. Now virtual answering service provided by hosted PBX phone systems includes features such as auto attendant, personal voicemail box, voicemail, and more.

With no setup costs and future maintenance costs involved, a virtual telephone system can help both small and medium companies to have services on the same standards. The ultimate benefits include time savings and increased customer friendly image for your company.

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