Cost Effective PBX and VOIP Phone Services

VOIP Phone ServicesVoIP phone services and PBX are the most flexible, cost-effective telecommunication systems. They contain all the advancements of a sophisticated and expensive business phone system, but at a much lower cost. The good news is that VoIP PBX phone services are now easily accessible for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium.

Some of the important factors which make the phone system cost-effective include:

Web Interface:

A PBX system functions through a traditional switching telephone network. Your dedicated Ethernet connection and your existing phone line are enough to get started with these phone services. The web interface always does away with the need to install additional physical phone lines for adding on extensions. It lets you add on any number of phone lines through a single phone line. Additional lines can be added through the Ethernet connection.

PBX and VoIP Phone Service Providers:

These phone services are managed from the service provider’s premise itself. Therefore, there is no need for installing additional expensive PBX hardware at your business premises. You can also enjoy an excellent telecommunication service for an affordable monthly charge.

Cost-Effective Calling Plans:

We can do international calls for a huge price when made on conventional phone systems. Hosted VoIP PBX service providers offer toll free and local phone numbers so that users can reduce telecommunication expenses.

Affordable Communication Facilities:

IP based PBX services come all the advancements present in an expensive PBX system, and at reasonable cost. They make your communication smooth and easy, without having to compromise on functionalities. These phone systems have several real time call management solutions such as auto attendant, voicemail, groups, conference rooms, call queues, music on hold, and more. There is no doubt that PBX and VoIP phone systems offer a dependable and cost-effective business telecommunication solution that saves time and money.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an industry acronym which stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” All that means is that you can transmit your voice digitally over the internet. The major advantage of VoIP is that you do not need a lot of specialized equipment inside your building as you do with traditoional PBX systems.

How does VoIP Save Your Business Money?

  • VoIP saves your business money because you don’t need the multitude of expensive phone lines installed into your building from your local phone company.
  • In addition, PBX equipment requires telephone cables to each extension which VoIP does not need, saving you money on cable installation within your building.
  • Lastly, VoIP calls are routed over the internet, not the phone system, and your long distance and local calls are much cheaper to make because of it.
  • VoIP is a great option for small to medium sized businesses looking for the ability to have an advanced and efficient office phone system with a lower cost and ease of administration.

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