A Brief Guide on “VoIP Advanced Features”

voipNow a days, many companies are using VoIP services as they are cost effective and convenient. VoIP phones offer many advantages and their features help to make calls and manage them efficiently. Basically, usual users/ subscribers use basic services and these services may suit for most people who prefer to use simple calling needs anyway. On the other hand, some businesses or people may find it difficult to use these services that tend to be ignored for lack of exposure.

Let us discuss more about the advanced features of VOIP that are available with a digital phone service.

The most advanced features of VoIP are using SIP Forking. Well, let us understand what exactly is SIP forking is?

It helps to use just one phone number for various devices. For example, you can set up SIP forking so that it can help your clientele or customers to reach you on your mobile, your home phone or office phone by dialing the same number for all three.

This helps to never miss a single phone call from your important persons even though you may go out for vacation. SIP Forking is majorly used by businesses who deal with clients internationally. You can also take or answer calls from clients without opening your offices i.e. on Sundays also by using this SIP forking.

Mostly businesses or organizations depend on phone conferencing, and also HD voice capability. Using the HD voice feature, you can deliver a higher call quality than regular telephonic. And also, the voice clarity or characteristics of the person speaking will be clear since it uses enhanced digital transmission. In a phone conference with multiple users, it will be easy to identify who is talking. You can also receive crisp and clear messages.

We all knew that VoIP is an internet-based application and it can allow you to manage voicemail more efficiently.  You can also configure your account settings besides having physically access your voicemail machine. Those settings help to get voicemails sent to your email address. In this way, you can have more options like listening to it directly such as sorting, storing them according to folders and files. You can also store them on your computer for reference purposes.

On the other hand, there are lot of VoIP features out there that can make your business to run efficiently with the minimum of effort. If you have specific needs in terms of managing and handling VoIP phone communications, you can prefer these features first.

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