The Benefits of Using Hosted VoIP PBX for Your Company

Hosted VoIP PBXAfter reaching certain stage for your company, you should probably think about upgrading your telephone system to meet the requirements of your growing business. Private branch exchange (PBX) may be the right solution for you as it allows sharing a number of incoming phone lines among extensions and departments, so there is no need to pay for standalone line for every workstation or employee.

This advanced system will help you to save a fortune. Your savings can be more significant if you choose for low rate VoIP instead of PSTN (traditional public switched telephone network) lines. VoIP technology is a new wave of telecom usage which enables voice communication to be carried out over the Internet.

Switching to IP PBX system and its maintenance can be a real challenge for business owners especially if the company`s IT staff has no type of expertise required for it. High costs of hardware and software may also frighten them away. In this case there is a reasonable alternative to opt for hosted PBX services.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP PBX System

  • The perk of switching to hosted VoIP system is that there is no need to purchase expensive equipment and hire someone to maintain and troubleshoot it. The equipment is installed at the provider`s site, and he is responsible for its maintenance and troubleshooting. By all means these are essential factor for growing company on a tight budget.
  • The number of users is not restricted whereas if you use software or hardware solutions the number of phones connected to the system is always limited.
  • VoIP provider will upgrade and add sophisticated features to your service.
  • Users have possibility to send faxes without switching to the second line. Every extension is assigned a single fax number, and a phone line is never tied up with the incoming faxes. Moreover, incoming faxes are sent to employee`s computer like an email.
  • Security protocols make communication and data transfer over the Internet, so you can be sure that your documents and calls are protected. Business owners and managers can set up the security level of VoIP system dependent on their needs.
  • As VoIP technology uses an Internet connection a large number of Internet features can be integrated with the phone system. Employees can establish connection with different extensions, as well as customers and business partners directly from the website. Calls can be made from computer which has a microphone and speakers.

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