September, 2014

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A Revolution to stay connected

VoIP service providerVoIP-Providers The lightening speed developments in science technology have revolutionized the industrial sector drastically. By industrial development we not only include various products and equipment but also various services which are provided for n number of purposes. While all the work is done by machines, what distinguishes one brand from the other is the amount of time involved in your transactions with them. The lesser, the better. Communication with customers hence becomes a crucial part of the market game. Heedless to say the quality of the platform on which these conversations are done is important.

Although the traditional phone system had come as a milestone in the field of communication technology and eventually in the industrial sector, it has it’s own setbacks. Read More >

Our PBX – A new idea for your problems

Our PBXIn this world of cut throat competition, there is no place for errors. Companies have gone multinational and communication is an integral part it. There has to be a lot of conversations, exchange of ideas and information (which is often done through video conferencing) in order to get more effective and crisp results. Many a times one employee may need to get in touch with another employee. Hence, a number of phone calls are dialed inside the organisation itself. In order to carry out these tasks, organisations need a fast and reliable source of communication.

So, if your organisation is looking for a faster, cheaper and efficient method of communication, look no further. We bring forth to you, OurPBX.

OurPBX is a VoIP service provider which focuses on providing services to business companies and organisations. With it’s help, you can make numerous VoIP calls at low rates. Read More >