August, 2014

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Bringing the world closer economically and professionally

traditional telephone systemsWe live in a world where communication is a very important part of our business’ agenda. Gone are the days when letters and pamphlets were enough in making a difference. Gone are the days when the songs of praise of products were sung by people which would spread out to far off places.

Is communication an important part of your business?Communication hereby is a very important and integral part of the working of a company. Whether you have a brand of your own or a service that you provide, there will be various occasions when employees amongst themselves will need to communicate. There will be other times when the company will need to communicate with people outside the company. Communication with the customers is essential and inevitable. Read More >

Another Milestone in the Development of Communication

Private Branch ExchangeWe live in an era where communication plays an important role in our lives. Every company needs to have a telephone system that works efficiently. In an office, it is necessary for one employee to get in touch with another. In order to carry out these tasks, enterprises have a PBX which does require the operation of a telephone service.


Private Branch Exchange is a telephone system within a company or organisation. It is the means of communication within an enterprise. There are 2 types of PBX:-

Traditional PBX- Voice is transferred by analog signals over telephone wires. Read More >